Opening Times

The park is closed for the season.

New season begins 30th March 2024 for our 30th year celebrations! 


Hidden Valley Discovery Park


Nr Kennards House



PL15 8SJ

Telephone: 01566 86463



About Hidden Valley Discovery Park

Real family adventure waits at Hidden Valley. Enter the Forbidden Mansion, only one way in and one way out! Upside down room, Shrinking corridor, Moriarty’s Missions, Trails and cunning challenges for everyone. Amazingly good fun, inside and outside.

But that’s only the start, the park has its own miniature railway, beech hedge maze, hobbit house and two themed gardens. Refreshments in the restaurant and a well stocked gift shop.


Now, here’s a secret. It is easy to find your way into  The Hidden Valley – but not so easy to find your way out of the Forbidden Mansion

Just a few well-signposted miles from Launceston, this amazing and delightfully eccentric tourist attraction is jaw-droppingly brilliant fun.

The first thing you see on approaching the long fir tree-lined drive is a tall chimney and red-brick visitor complex built to look like a pumping house.

Designed and inspired by architecture from Victorian Britain and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it makes an imposing introduction to your visit.

Inside is a spacious, well-stocked gallery shop and 60-seater restaurant – and beyond is the fantastical world of Hidden Valley.

So, take a short stroll and step up to the front door of Forbidden Mansion –

You are now a house guest and free to explore. All you have to do is find your way around through a labyrinth of secret corridors and hidden doors.

Forbidden Mansion is massively bigger than appears possible from the outside – and a million magical miles from your average abode.

In this topsy-turvy dwelling nothing is what it seems. A perspective-bending corridor gets narrower and lower as you stoop to reach its end. You can walk on the ceiling and look up at the floor in the upside-down room.

Enter the “room of doors”  and all you have to do is find the right one to get out. Opps – not that one! Or that one. And there’s a brick wall behind that one!

It is all crazy fun and you can’t help but be swept along in the surreality of it all.

A grand staircase ascends to a galleried landing where framed portraits seem to be watching you; cook’s kitchen has a secret entrance through the bread oven; and a nursery is trapped in a Victorian time warp.

How many houses do you know that include a railway station waiting room? Well, The Forbidden Mansion does – complete with a fireplace you can vanish through!

Set within the Mansion is Moriarty’s Missions , use a swipe card to access the hidden electronic missions, time is of the essence, as you are only allowed a few minutes per mission before you have to move on.

And, talking of railways, once you have found your way out of this Tardis-like building you can enjoy the delights of  the Porterswick Junction Light Railway. Climb aboard for a charming scenic ride around the grounds of Hidden Valley.

If you take the Sherlock Holmes Trail you might come across the little Hobbit House – complete with its simple furnishings – tucked into the side of a slope.

There is a children’s play area – not to mention the pleasant walks and Waterwheel Barn picnic area where there are ducks and Kunekune pigs.

And, if you enjoyed getting lost in The Forbidden Mansion, it’s time to test your sense of direction in the amazing Beech Hedge Maze.

Offers & Prices

Free entry to Restaurant and Shop.

Daily Entrance Prices:
Booking arrival slots available from 10am - 2pm in half hour increments.
Last entry to the park is strictly 2pm.
Please note, all tickets are non refundable under any circumstances.
Once in the park, you can stay until 5pm.



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