About Lusty Glaze Beach

A privately owned beach that is run by an outdoor activity company but has full public access. It is to the east of the centre of Newqay; its named is derived from the Cornish term ‘place to view blue boats’.

TR7 3AE - See the overview for Newquay for access and parking details. It can be easily reached from the main shopping centre by walking (about 1.5kms) along Cliff Road and Narrowcliff (past the Great Western Hotel) and then the grassy cliff-land area, between Tolcarne Beach and Lusty Glaze, known as the Barrowfields. Turn left down Lusty Glaze Road and the access to the beach is on the left. It is then a descent of 368 steps down to the beach. It is not suitable for large prams/pushchairs and those that are less mobile. At low water it is possible to walk around from Tolcarne Beach and in the other direction from Porth at low spring tides.

The main part of the beach is a relatively small horseshoe cove about 140m in width backed by cliffs that are over 65m in height with the range of facilities at the base of the cliffs. There is usually a sizeable area of sand above high water mark, especially insummer. When the tide is out there is a sizable expanse of beach; it is possible to walk round to the westerly area between a line of rocks which gets cut off by the tide but is less crowded. Further round is an area of beach known as ‘Criggars’ which leads to Tolcarne Beach. It is generally very sheltered with some very secluded spots such as Wine Cove below the headland leading to Porth.

There are safety equipment points above the beach. Because it is the Lifeguard National Training Centre, the beach operates its own lifeguard service which normally runs from early March to early September.

Details are shown in the overview for Newquay, including events.

Dogs are not permitted from 8.00hrs to 19.00hrs from the end of May to September. There is a cafe, restaurant, beach shop, bar, crèche, toilets and watersports equipment hire; beach huts are also available for hire. There is also the highest zip wire in Europe straddling the cliffs. 

Sea water quality is very good and the beach is regularly cleaned. The management of the beach is unusual for Cornwall but it is popular, well managed, and has much to offer including the leisure and training activities.