About Plaidy

Plaidy is essentially a residential suburb of Looe and the beach is next to Millendreath (350m) and East Looe Beach (950m): it is easily possible to walk along the foreshore to Plaidy Beach from both at low water. Although the main area of beach between Raven Rock and Chough Rock is about 400m in length, it does continue for another 600m to meet with East Looe Beach. The main area of beach is backed by residential properties immediately above the beach. It faces south and can be quite sheltered.

PL13 1LF - The easiest way to get to Plaidy without going through the centre of Looe (which can be difficult at times) is to take the A 387 road to Liskeard out of Looe and turn off on the B3247 to the suburb of St.Martins and after 2.5kms then sharp left down Barbican Hill which becomes Bay View Road and then Plaidy Lane when, after 300m on the right, is the slipway access to the Beach. Parking can be a problem as there are no dedicated parking areas so it is a case of parking along the estate roads where this is possible and walking back to the slipway. Care needs to be taken not to obstruct access drives and the residential roads. Alternatively, it is a short walk of about 500m along the Coast Path from the car park at Millendreath or a little over 1km from the Centre of Looe along the Coast Path there is a path down to an area of Plaidy Beach about 250m from the main beach; by continuing along the Coast Path the main slipway access is reached along Plaidy Lane.
There is not a great deal of beach that is accessible at high water and then it is a mixture of coarse grey sand and shingle below the slipway. At low water the gently sloping sand and shingle gives way to flat rock platforms. There are continuous rocky areas at either end of the beach at low water.

There is safety equipment above the main access point but no lifeguards. It is fairly safe for swimming on a rising tide when conditions are favourable. It is not a surfing beach at all. It is an excellent spot for kayaking and dinghy sailing. At high water it is a great beach for snorkelling along the coast either way. At low water there is an abundance of very interesting rock pools.

Dogs are permitted all year. There are no toilets or other facilities, the nearest being in the Looe Town Centre. 

The slipway can be used to launch small craft. The water quality at nearby Millendreath is generally very good but at Looe has been very variable in recent years. If the lack of facilities is not a problem it can be quite secluded and not as crowded as the beaches nearby.