About Towan Newquay

Towan Beach (or Town Beach) is the nearest to the centre of Newquay and within short walking distance.

TR7 1DT - See the overview for Newquay for access and parking details. It can be reached easily from the main shopping centre at Bank Square either by Gover Road and Beach Road which leads to a grassed amenity area with two different flights of steps to the beach, or, by Fore Street and South Quay Hill which leads to a slipway on to the beach which is suitable for the disabled.

Backed by a sea wall, the beach is completely washed by the tide. At low water it is gently sloping exposing a wide beach of yellow sand flanked by the Harbour wall on one side and merging into Great Western Beach on the other. At low water there are rocks and pools around the Island and headland. The grass amenity area above the beach has numerous seats. There is a small sea filled bathing pool next to the Island but is often filled with sand.

There is safety/rescue equipment. Lifeguards are on duty from the end of May until the end of September. There is a first aid post and operative in summer above the beach.

Details are shown under the overview for Newquay.

Dogs are permitted all year.

There are toilets, cafes, restaurants and shops immediately above the beach. Although the slipway has direct access to the beach its use in summer is restricted by the use of the beach and numbers of people. 

It is owned by Cornwall Council and cleaned regularly in summer. The sea water quality is very good.

Towan Beach is famous pictorially for the house on Jago’s island and the suspension bridge which has become a symbol of Newquay. It also has the Sea Life Centre and Aquarium above the Beach in a distinctive building. It is possible to walk to Great Western Beach, Tolcarne Beach and beyond at low water. It is a good accessible family beach but can be very crowded in the height of summer.